Reports from Zimbabwe says Uncle Bob’s darling, Grace, her son Russell Goreraza and her security personnel, Kennedy Fero have all been dragged to court. The trio was sued for invading three upmarket houses in Harare belonging to a businessman following a dispute over the purchase of a US$1.4 million diamond ring.
Mrs Mugabe placed an order for a US$1.4 million diamond ring in Dubai through Thatchfree Investments (Pvt) Ltd, a company owned by Jamal Ahmed. Read Also: Grace Mugabe Announces Herself New Zim President As learnt, the expensive ring was meant to be Mugabe’s wedding anniversary gift to his wife. Grace reportedly placed an order for the diamond with her daughter in Dubai.
Ahmed’s affidavit narrated that: “As the diamond was not readily available, it had to be sourced from a third party who wanted to be paid upfront and when this was advised to the 2nd respondent (Grace Mugabe), she indicated that she was in Singapore and could not immediately pay and that we could pay on her behalf in Harare and she would refund the amount.
(She also) approval for the diamond to be polished by a third party who also needed to be paid and again we made this payment on the basis that she would refund these payments as she authorised the polishing by a third party Upon her return to Harare, the 2nd respondent instructed CBZ Bank to attend to the transfer of the US$1.350 million, being the purchase price for the finished diamond, which amount took time to transfer as it had become difficult to transfer the money out of Zimbabwe.
The transfer was ultimately done in May 2016 and the diamond was tendered to the 2nd respondent in Dubai. Surprisingly, the 2nd respondent then refused to take delivery of the diamond and instead demanded a full refund in Dubai. She was advised that this was not possible for a number of reasons, which include that costs had been incurred during polishing and that there was no legal basis for her resiling from the agreement and that she could herself sell the diamond and recoup what she could.” The court document further related that Jamal Ahmed was accosted with reign of terror and harassment.
After Thatchfree refused to refund Grace for the diamond, he was verbally threatened, harassed, insulted and told that he could not do anything to the Mugabes as they are in fact ‘Zimbabwe’. See Also: Zimbabwe Is Dead-broke But Is Losing $1 Billion To Corruption Every Year “Threats of taking over my properties in Zimbabwe were also made and the respondents were joined in these abuses by the 2nd respondent’s son-in-law (Simba Chikore),” read the document.
The Mugabes subsequently invaded and refused to vacate Ahmed’s premises. As such, they were dragged to the High Court.