Its no longer a rumor that Besigye is unwanted in the FDC,some former party members have accused him of not presenting donations he is receiving from foreign Aide meant run the party among other grievances. The latest we have is that some of the party members mostly Muntu followers want to desert the party (Ssemuju Nganda etc)

FDC Elections

Members of the opposition FDC  held their breaths and gazed in disbelief as incumbent party president Rtd Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu made his final campaign speech ahead of today’s party presidential elections at the Mandela National Stadium.

Muntu, a known moderate and restrained leader who has steered the party since 2012, is seeking re-election for a second and last term in office.

But this time round he is facing a tougher challenge in Patrick Oboi Amuriat, who has most of the party stalwarts including the party’s founding father Col Dr Kizza Besigye behind him.

Speaking third in the line of four candidates, Muntu kicked off his address urging members to focus on rebuilding the party brand, and to position the FDC to be ready to take power once the “inevitable” change takes place.

He cited the example of Zimbabwe which lost its longest serving and only president since independence Robert Mugabe, who was forced out this week, but his party Zanu PF still remained in charge.

“We are positioned to take this country, but we must build our own identity not based on Museveni, because if Museveni wakes up in a coma, if we haven’t built our own identity, we will be in an identity crisis.”

At the climax of his address however, Gen Muntu became more agitated, and his voice getting more amplified, he went after the person and character of Col Dr Kizza Besigye, who had earlier arrived in the room amid ululations.

With his face visibly incensed and his body language belligerent, Muntu slammed people who he said don’t like to concede defeat, and brought up the name of his predecessor Dr Kizza Besigye first.

Besigye listening to Mugisha Muntu

“I am glad Dr Kizza Besigye you are sitting here, I am really glad. 2009 we competed together; you won, I went behind you without any question. 2010, I stood on this platform and campaigned, we were competing for flag bearer, you won; I didn’t question. I went behind you.

“2015, by then incidentally I was already party president; we competed for flag bearer, you people gave the flag to Dr Kizza Besigye. I saw your hearts. You were fearful because you didn’t know what was going to happen. I stood on this platform and told you I am a democrat. I accepted your choices. I said I will steer the party with Dr Kizza Besigye. Did I do that or did I not?”

At this point, the cheers of Muntu’s supporters started to die down. Dr Besigye, reclined in his seat listened intently, as the retired army general charged on.

“Don’t put feelings in in politics; how many leaders in our political environment are able to do something like that?” Muntu went on, before turning to his opponent Amuriat and his supporters who he accused of failure to conceded defeat.

Mugisha Muntu and his wife Julia at the Delegates Conference

He reminded them that within two weeks of winning the party presidency in 2012, he received a petition from Nandala Mafabi and Rubaramira Ruranga saying that the election had been rigged.

“We spent one and half years trying to resolve that. I was in charge. I could have dismissed that but I didn’t. I believe I fairness. We put a team to resolve that. But before we could finish that, another group came (challenging the length of the presidency). Again we resolved that. Since 2012 there has been instability because of people that don’t accept loss. Unfortunate Patrick, the people who don’t accept loss are behind you.”

Candidate Amuriat in his campaign earlier had promised to resolve the internal misunderstandings in the party, but to this Muntu, made his doubts known.

“Patrick, before you talk about managing these internal conflicts know the source of those conflicts,” he said.