A new military camp has been created in Uganda, where military training for rebels fighting against Rwandan government are conducted.In the northern part of Uganda, a military camp has been created by those who want to destabilise the peace in Rwanda, that is done with the help of top leaders in the Ugandan government.

This exclusive information that has been given by one of the intelligence chiefs in Uganda, shows that in the past few months, Major (Rtd) Habib Mudathir and Captain (Rtd) Sibo Charles escaped from Rhino military camp in Arua which is initially managed by UNHCR, and joined a new guerilla (rebel) group, which operates in the same area.

It is also said the escape of the two, was partly planned by members of Uganda’s CMI, and also helped them tojoin Rwanda National Congress (RNC), which has a plan to train a big number of soldiers.This rebel groupis led by Major General B. Habyarimana, who was the minister in charge of military affairs between 2000-2003, and thereafter escaped from Rwanda.

It is said that he is getting help from a French general only known as Jean Claude Lafouracade, who led the Tourqouise zone, and is famously remembered for putting a blockade in the south west part of Rwanda, to help protect military/army genociders, and further support their escape from Rwanda to the then Zaire.This general is the one who recently met the Ugandan leaders.That meeting was for France, Uganda and DR Congo to discuss how the three batallions of soldiers of Ugandan army, could be sent to the Eastern part of DRC.

It was established that the two are in charge of forming a new camp, where military training can be conducted near the border Uganda shares with DR Congo and South Sudan.The new military camp works in conjuction with another one located at Mirobwe in Southern Kivu in DRC.This plan also involves high levels of military intelligence of France and Uganda, which are supporting all the plans of those who fight against the Rwandan government.
Reliable sources within Ugandan intelligence, show that the two soldiers Habib and Sibo tried so many times to convince ex-soldiers in the Rwandan army (RDF), to join them in the camp in Uganda but their efforts were futile.A one Kayumba Rugema, a very close friend friend to Kayumba Nyamwasa, is the one facilitating those efforts.

This Rugema has spent uncountable days in meetings of RNC in Belgiun, and is the new coordinator of RNC-Uganda, but stays in Denmark.This can only be seen in the words he wrote on facebook, for example on Saturday 18th November 2017, he wrote on Facebook that: “Many Rwandan killers are in Kampala, any refuge friends be careful.Their aim is to leave your blood in Kampala”

We have also seen that Rugema works with Ugandan military intelligence, CMI and their activities are coordinated and controlled by the minister of security Lt.Gen Henry Tumukunde, who reports all information directly to president Yoweri Museveni and his brother General Salim Saleh.”