After knowing that most top government Honchos including the first son Kainerugaba Muhoozi have their daughters and sons at Uganda Christian university,we told our reporter to make an investigation and find out how they live at the Mukono based institute without ever being noticed.

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We also wanted to know more about the logistics involved in them when they move out of campus, so over the week we contacted two of our writers here’s what we learned.

UCU has surveillance Cameras  everywhere,so they can see whatever is going around campus,every gate entrance has a camera and two askaris who check every bag/laguage whether going in or out.Security was tightened in the guise of terrorism threats but we found out its because Muhoozi daughter had joined.Every once in a while Muhoozi is also seen around Mukono,perhaps to check on her daughter but they never meet at campus . You should remember that Janet Kataha the first lady also graduated from the institution 2 years back

We also came to find out that most SFC deploys students with military training  to follow and protect these kids whether inside the institution or out.Most of them are on state bursaries