Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi’s will be running for President in the next round in 2021, and rumor has it that he will be seconded by Mugisha Muntu who recently fell out with Besigye.

Outgoing FDC President Gen Mugisha Muntu after a devastating defeat in FDC party elections, is lobbying for more support in an effort to form a new political party. Already there are a number of opposition M.P’ willing to form another party against Besigye’ FDC.Some of these are Kasese woman M.p Winnie Kiza,Opposition Chief Whip Ssemujju Nganda,Paul Mwiru etc

Muntu, after losing the presidency seat to Patrick Oboi Amuriat, did not bother hiding his frustration with the internal dynamics of the leading opposition party.

He made it clear in his concession speech that he would rather operate in an environment where he is more trusted.

Bobiwine in to stand in 2021

The celebrated musician from the “ghetto,” Bobi Wine as he is better known, dramatically kicked into the political scene this year, promising to “take the ghetto to parliament.”

His political adviser Fred Nyanzi Sentamu, better known as Chairman Nyanzi has now confirmed that his second step will be the 2021 Presidential bid.

Nyanzi, who also happens to be Bobi Wine’s elder brother confirmed a few weeks back

He termed him as “a full package” when asked whether 35 year old is Presidential material.

He said time had come for Uganda to have a president who has been through all kinds of lives, better and worse.”

“…Someone who won’t only think about himself but Ugandans first; that is what Bobi is,” Nyanzi said.

Nyanzi, 47, said his young brother, like any other Uganda has a constitutional right to stand for president.

“I am not ashamed to say I am behind him. It’s every Ugandan constitutional right to stand as president as long as he has what it takes,” he said.

Bobi Wine himself has in the past thrown a few hints about taking aim at State House.

During his election victory thanksgiving in Kasangati in July, he promised his wife Barbie Itungo that he would make her first lady of Uganda before he dies.

Bobi Wine, along with other opposition leaders have lately bee involved in an aggressive campaign against amending the country’s constitution to lift the Presidential Age Limit, which would allow 73 year old President Yoweri Museveni to run for the 6th term.