It was today on NBS that former Presidential press secretary and presidential adviser admited that Museveni may exit as president by 2021, he added that the reason why he wants Museveni not to retire is that he fears being in exile.

In the same interview,he also told viewers that one of his sons at Makerere was stopped from doing exams for stealing car lights.”But when they heard it was my son,they immediately gave him back his exam card” Snoops have however informed us that he was a tuition defaulter.

Below are some of the excerpts from the interview on NBS

“Many people ask me why I still work for the government even when they’ve humiliated me before, I always tell them that the cost of living in exile is what is forcing me to use my resources to traverse the country.”

“If working for the government is so important where do Mwenda and Rwabwogo work? I don’t want a government job, I want to be like Mwenda and humiliate people

“NRM made a big mistake, the legal and parliamentary affairs committee wasn’t necessary. They’re just looking for money and the president should be careful”