Last week we railed an article on our site about Muhoozi daughter at Uganda Christian University,within the same article we asked MTN,airtel and UBL to advertise on our website, because according to stats,we were getting more traffic than Campusbee,chimpreports,matookerepublic,insider and the investigator combined, that was when we were contacted by MTN,the other companies as usual chose to ignore our call. In this business we have come to learn that except MTN these so called big companies advertise on websites not because they have a good product but being friendly to one of the writers or editors.

Just visit Chimpreports,investigator or the insider and see the number of views on each of their articles,then visit our site and compare. There are websites that write articles once a week but have advertisements on their sites and they continue to ignore us.

MTN among other things, being first typically enabled them to establish strong brand recognition and customer loyalty before other entrants.No wonder it’s the leading telecom company.Apart from supporting journalism(visit most news sites/radio/TV and you will find an MTN ad),these guys have got the fastest internet in Uganda at a very affordable price. MTN Uganda, is also the country’s biggest company by revenue.

If these other companies continue to ignore Ugandans I think within a few years MTN will be the only telecom in Uganda. Just